Everything You Want

“You shitty spoiled brat! Do you always get everything you want?”

I snap. My temper finally gone, I stride up to him and smash my fist into the wall by his head. “I didn’t want my dad to die!” I snarl. His expression freezes in shock. His mouth hangs open so stupidly.

Adrenaline is giving me borrowed power, sweeping away any boundaries I might have had. The pain is too recent, the wound too fresh. My anger fills every spare inch of me and my hands itch. Grabbing his lapel, I yank him down and throw him to the floor. “Don’t. Don’t ever think you know me. Don’t presume so much.” I hack up a glob of phlegm, spit it on the floor by his feet. “Keep away from me, you fucking freak,” I command him, and stride away with a new swagger in my step.



Bloody and raw and screaming

Blistering, her skin burning, the acid eating into her face

One eye wide, the blue disk unseeing

The other eye mangled beyond recognition

Shrieking, writhing

-it hurts! oh my god, it hurts so much!-

And the man with the bucket crosses his arms

Watching, satisfied at least for now

He yanks her hair, forcing her head back

Spitting into her ruined face

-are you sorry now?-