Time to Think

I use “I’m busy” as the excuse for everything
It’s true – my days are long and I keep myself busy from the moment I open my eyes
To the sound of my light switching off and the darkness in my bedroom.

But the truth is, I have to keep busy
I must keep my mind preoccupied so I am unable
To think of things that will take control of me and drag me down
For its only when the darkness of my bedroom holds me
And I can do nothing but wait for sleep
That the terrible thoughts invade

Descend like vultures and rip the muscle from my bones
And gouge my eyeballs from my sockets to wring them out, let my tears fall as rain

It is when I am idle that I am vulnerable
Keep me busy, and keep me safe
Fill my head up with work, stuff and things
So I can forget myself; else I destroy myself


‘Our Girl’, and Why You Should Watch It

I just watched an amazing film, and it was so good, I thought I’d recommend it to you lovely lot.

Our%20Girl-1774901Meet Molly Dawes. She’s 18, lives in south London and spends her nights drinking and her days hungover. Her best friend slept with her boyfriend, she’s got five brothers and sisters as well as another on the way, and her dad’s an abusive alcoholic.

Her life can’t get much worse. And one night, after puking in the street, she looks up and sees a picture of a girl who had everything she wants desperately – respect, honour, purpose. She’s looking at a recruitment poster for the Army. So she signs up and is whisked away to a world completely unlike her own.

I loved this movie because of the incredible transformation Molly went through. It was tough, really tough, and so many times she came close to quitting, but she pulled through. I admired her character so much; she’s a role model to anyone who wants to escape but feels they can’t.

But hey, don’t take my word for it! Check it out yourself here. I’m not entirely sure if that link works for you lot that live outside of the UK, but whatever – keep an eye out on Amazon instead!