The Children Can Play

I came to this town to destroy it.

But then this little girl pulled on my finger
“Come down to the river with us!” the piggy squealed
I could’ve smashed her skull in like an eggshell
Snapped bones like breadsticks

But my human body was curious, and made me go with her

All the children of the town were there that day
Swimming, splashing, shrieking with laughter
They came to escape the heat and pesky parents
A naked boy ran up to me; “Have you come to play, miss?”

I almost smiled.

They were too innocent; I turned my back, leaving them to their happiness
They did not commit the crimes the town was guilty of
I could not smite these children
So I delighted myself as I tore the adults of that town to slivers
The King’s Justice.

And I left the children to play.



When people describe me, the first thing they say is
“She’s the happy one”
My character is defined by cheerfulness
But no-one can be happy all the time.

I can also be miserable,
Morose, melancholy.
The only difference between me and everyone else
Is that I shove that sadness somewhere where it won’t bother me

Everyone needs an optimist; but sometimes
Holding up a smile
Is more exhausting than simply being sad.


Not all victories are earth-shattering

For an insomniac, a victory is five solid hours of sleep

For someone in a dark place, a victory is a genuine smile

For someone with anxiety, a victory is doing something that scares you


Don’t think that you’re failing because the world doesn’t know who you are

Remember you’re winning because I know all the little parts of you

And I think they’re beautiful.

The Girl With the Flowers

In a city full of stressed employees, a girl was walking down the road with a bunch of flowers in her hand. Surrounded by grey concrete and black suits, her splash of colour is unmistakable.
As she walks, she raises the flowers to her nose and inhales. People push past her, dressed in suits and smelling of impatience. She just smiles, the smallest and most honest smile in the city, and continues to walk.