To Overcome

He is my everything
Almighty, the sun burning my cheeks
The nighttime stars and compass I follow in blindness
His touch a gift bestowed, and I know I’m not worthy
I’m plain and simple and ordinary but
This devotion is all I can offer you
He is my morphine
I gasp for more of him, withdrawal tearing my lungs from my chest
I’m bleeding from wounds I never knew existed
Until he returns, kisses making me high
Everything is razor sharp and glorious
But he’ll leave, he always leaves me
Alone in this darkness
I am nothing
Somewhere in all of this I’ve lost myself
My own story written in second person
With him as my sun, all that’s left for me to do
Is weakly reflect whatever he throws my way
This is all a lie
This cage is myself
I built my own handcuffs
All these years of living in his shadow when I am my own star
Throw away misery, drown this slave’s heart
Put on a party dress to parade into the light
I am my own
I am no mirror, designed only to reflect you
This story is not about you
And neither am I.


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