Amber eyes stare outside
His ear twitching as birds hop across his garden
He dreams himself chasing them, catching the helpless ball of feathers in his mouth
Memory of his kittenish past
Of chasing pieces of string, of being taught by his momma cat how to hunt
How to stalk and lie in wait and strike like a furry streak of lightning
The pride and the reward

And the older memories, the deeper ones
Stitched into his DNA, hardwired into the very back of his mind
Passed down from generation to generation
Older than dinosaurs, back to the Queen of the Felines
When there were mighty hunters and fearsome predators
It is the primeval urge to hunt and pounce
To catch and kill
To feel hot blood run down your throat and the victory shivers

But his ear flicks at the sound of the front door
His humans have returned
Leaping down, the housecat runs out to meet them
He meows and he is nothing more: his past, his heritage; forgotten for now


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