The Room of My Childhood

My bedroom has memories as wallpaper
They shine brightly on the walls as I gaze around
This solid wardrobe took me to Narnia, on incredible adventures
The glow-in-the-dark stars were a secret computers system my head
And the most delicious secret; beside my bed, a secret trapdoor
Inside, a twisting slide led to a playpark where my friends and I went
Every single night while all our adults were sleeping.

All grown up now, and sleeping in the bed of my childhood
I slip my hand underneath the pillow and touch the hard spines of hidden books

I was a rebellious child.
After being tucked in I would take out my bounty, lie on my stomach and read for hours
I would tie string around my barbies and lob them out the window
Claiming that they were bungee jumping
The first time I was given a pair of scissors I hacked half my hair off
And I would sleep with all forty-six of my cuddly animals stuffed up my nighty

I suppose my biggest crime was the most expensive;
I would peel the wallpaper from the walls in great strips
To the point where my parents, with many stern words, were forced to redecorate

So now, the walls of my bedroom shine with memories
And with these old eyes I greet the wild child that I used to be.


2 thoughts on “The Room of My Childhood

  1. This is amazing! Love it so much 😀

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