Girl Meets Boy

He catches her eye across the bar

Smiles so beautifully, buys her a drink

Charming – polite – attentive

Together they talk, laugh, joke, and he’s so kind

She loses track of time

At the end of an evening she has enjoyed so much

That it has flown by in minutes,

He tells her she is beautiful

Her heart is touched

She melts into putty in his hands

Together they go to his house

And it’s grand, it’s impressive

For her this is a fairytale unfolding

And he showers her with praise until she is drunk on it

Untill she is simply clay for him to mould

Everything is golden, and warm

And nothing is wrong.

She allows him to do what he wants with her body

They fuck, he takes her home, they kiss goodnight.


Next morning in the bleak light of day

The magic of his compliments has worn off

She is left alone and shit-scared

And when the texts start coming in,

The questions that ask so much from her,

She feels robbed.

Something has been stolen from her

Vulnerability becomes her middle name

Which she hates – and she longs for the protection of him

And for the drug of his love


But with that one mistake she is lost

Scattered on the floor, owned, prisoner

He stole her from herself and she belongs to him

No longer her own person; without control


And now that this man owns her

Who’s to say he won’t take her again?


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