I love people.
I find relationships fascinating, the way people interact. How they can love someone they hate… how they can depend on another person so totally… how a couple can communicate without words.
I love to be near people, to watch them and see how they speak. I like looking at the expressions on their face as they listen to people speaking. I watch their hands as they speak, watch them draw pictures in the air to illustrate their point. The expression on someone’s face when they think no-one can see them always shows their true personality.
My favourite thing is to watch a group of people who know each other incredibly well – looking at all the group interactions, trying to see how each person feels about each one of their friends. Perhaps the group exclude one of their member. Perhaps one of them will be the peacemaker. Perhaps one is superb at manipulating the others to obey their will, and the group are unable to see it happening to them.
The quick comments are flung back and forth, and the way they laugh, the way they casually hug and touch each other all says so much about their relationships. Where they choose to sit, and how, and next to who… it’s fascinating.
I love to be around people. I love to watch people.


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