The clock is moving so fast, the numbers flicking past like cars on the motorway. Why can’t I move? Outside the window I can see the parents run to school, then the children flood the streets, but it’s all so quick. Fast-forwarded. I can’t move. People walk so fast they blur, leaving an imprint of their bodies in the air behind them.
Isn’t someone wondering where I am? Time is going so quickly, how long have I been stuck here for? Am I dead? The sky is getting dark, clouds flitting across the sky like birds. The clock is racing. It’s 9pm, 10, 11, midnight. The moon rises. I feel like I’m in syrup – every move takes so much effort, I’m exhausted. What would happen if I fell asleep? What if I woke up and one hundred years had passed?
The stars flicker. The trees vibrate. What’s going on? Why won’t anyone help me? The minutes go by quicker than nanoseconds. The moon sets, the sky becoming lighter – the inky black being watered down and then so quickly I almost miss it, the glorious gold before the sun rises. Then the fiery ball jumps up, flies through the sky. It’s eight, nine, ten in the morning.
I struggle against my invisible bonds, straining and pulling, but nothing gives. I’m so tired. Am I invisible? No-one is coming for me. The clock mocks me, the numbers flashing past so quick. Midday. Midnight. What’s the difference? Why can’t I move? Who did this to me?
I push at my bonds, one last time, a final surge of anger and fury and desperate fear. My energy leaks from me like water. My muscles groan and creak. Clouds chase each other across the sky. The sun sets.
I sleep.


One thought on “Fast-Forward

  1. Anne Schilde says:

    Very nice. I really like this immersion in a stop-motion world. Clouds flitting like birds…

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