Dare or Truth

The bottle span slowly, laboriously, and gently rocked to a stop, its top pointing towards one of the five girls.
“Marianne! Your turn!” Josie squealed, tossing back her braids triumphantly. She smiled a wicked smile, leaned in and whispered ominously, “Truth or dare?”
Marianne raised her eyebrows. “Truth,” she said without hesitation. She crossed her legs, excited for her question, while the others waited in giggly expectation.
Josie rocked back on her heels, thinking. Then her eyes grew wide and she grinned as she said, “Name one person in our school you want to go out with.”
For the briefest of moments, Marianne smiled and her eyes filled with warmth. Her lips opened around the first syllable of a name. But then her joy fell away and her mouth snapped shut, her eyes falling to her lap in shame.
At the back of the room, one of the five girls frowned. Her name was Alice. The other girls called her ‘Alice in Wonderland’ because she tended to daydream, preferring to sit and think than join in the game. But Marianne’s reaction to a simple question snapped her out of her fantasies and she tilted her head to one side, suddenly very interested in Marianne’s answer.
She fiddled with the hem of her t-shirt. She looked up, but Alice could read nothing in her expression. Her face was like a mask.
Marianne’s voice was cool and impassive, “That’s an impossible question, there are thousands of people at our school.”
Josie whined. She was waiting for some juicy gossip, unaware of Marianne’s inner struggle. “Come oooon!” She squealed. “There has to be one boy in the school you like!”
Marianne’s mind was racing. She was an honest girl, she hated lying, and was painfully bad at it. The others would notice if she tried to tell a mistruth. So she seized Josie’s choice of words and said, in complete honestly,
“There isn’t a single – guy in our school that I would want to go out with!”
The group of girls sighed, and Josie whined again. “You’re no fun,” she said, bored. Within seconds, the bottle was spinning again and Marianne was forgotten. The other girls giggled as the bottle landed on someone new, and the spotlight was moved away. She blushed, grateful of her freedom.
Alice’s gaze, however, was fixed on Marianne. She alone had noticed. She’d heard that pause before she said the word ‘guy’, and she knew the connotations attached to it. And she vowed that she would talk to Marianne about it at the earliest opportunity.


One thought on “Dare or Truth

  1. Anne Schilde says:

    Aww… I wasn’t sure where it was going at first. I think I like the dreamy girl too.

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