Some people are sensitive. You can tell just by looking at them. They are the quiet ones, who do more thinking than speaking, who watch you closely and can always tell what mood you’re in. You watch what you say around these people, because you feel as though one careless word will send them falling.

Then there are the people who seem to be totally fearless – indestructible, swaggering around with hearts made of steel. They couldn’t care less what others think and insults just bounce straight off their armour.

But the truth is – we are all human and we all have the potential to be hurt.
We are all damaged.
We all have something that we are sensitive about – maybe it’s your weight, maybe it’s your family, maybe you just can’t stand being the butt of other peoples’ jokes.

We can all be hurt and we all have been damaged.
We are broken – but because we are all broken, together we can be whole, too.


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