Top Ten Terrors

  1. Embarrassing myself publically
  2. Losing my eyesight
  3. Being in pain for a long time – I don’t mind pain as long as there’s something I can do about it
  4. Exams
  5. Losing someone I love
  6. Telling my crush I like them
  7. Losing my memory – I am made by my experiences, so losing my memory would be like losing myself
  8. Losing an argument (in my head, I am clear, coherent, compelling and confident. In real life I am a nervous wreck so if I have a point to prove and someone disagrees with me I let them take over as its far easier)
  9. In scary movies when a death is set up so you can see it coming… the anticipation of that death makes it seem a million times worse when it comes
  10. Those people that you can’t figure out – everyone is a riddle and when you can’t solve someone you’ll always be uncomfortable around them

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