Have you ever noticed how different groups use different language? It’s not just that they talk about different things – it’s that they have completely individual vocabulary! He’s a few examples…

Swimmer: I need to get less than 28 dead on my 50 free and I’ll have a county time; the only think I’m worried about is screw-kick.

Walker: When this leg is over, we need to get out tents and trangias. The vis will be going fast. Who’s doing navvy?

Tumblr-user: Hi, I’m a Sherlockian, and my OTP is Johnlock, although I ship Lolly too.

For some reason, groups on the internet seem to do this far more than normal, but people are always adapting their language depending who they’re with. You don’t speak to your family in the same way as your friends, or your co-workers the same way as your spouse. And most of the time, you’re not even conscious of talking differently. It’s automatic.

Do you have any examples of a group speaking in a particular way?


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