Memento Mori

Today is a sad day. My watch has died.

WatchI’ve had this watch for four years; my dad bought it for me for my birthday in 2009. We’ve been through a lot together, me and that watch.

I swam four hours a week wearing that watch. I opened exam results wearing that watch. I swam at County Championships with that watch strapped to my wrist.

I’ve been to sleepovers, been to New Zealand, been to school a million times with that watch.

I’ve been in lessons so boring that I’ve checked and checked that watch every five seconds, waiting for the lesson to finally end.

It beeped on the hour, every hour, politely reminding me the time. It had an alarm that went off at 7:55am every morning, reminding me to get my shoes on and go!.

There was a purple metal plate on my watch, and it fell off twice. The first time my dad super-glued it on wrong so it faced the wrong way. The second time he accidentally smeared glue over the screen, making it harder to read the time. I still loved it though.

Do you know what killed it off in the end? It wasn’t swimming; the battery didn’t run out; I didn’t accidentally drop it. Dartmoor killed my watch. It was so cold up there that it froze to death. I survived but my watch didn’t.

I salute you, watch! Memento mori. Thank you for helping me survive through these years.


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