Dear World,
Do you know what, I’ve figured out what I want.
I want someone to love me.
I want someone to hold me.
I want someone who is interested in my drafts of stories, interested in what I do.
I want someone who listens to me.
I want someone that I can love, wholeheartedly, that I can trust, that I can tell everything. Someone that won’t judge, that won’t joke when I’m being serious, that won’t make snarky comebacks and comments at my expense, that won’t talk about me behind my back.
Someone that I can rely on to be there in my time of need.
Someone that I can be silent with.
Someone that I don’t need to explain myself to.
I’m fed up with the superficial relationships we have to go through. I want to get to the heart of you. I want to know what people do, what they think about, what they stress and worry about. I want to know what people at school care most about – I want to know whether they love their brothers, I want to know if they resent their step-father, if they think he’s taken the place of their real father. I want to know everything. I want a relationship that actually means something.
I want someone.


One thought on “Someone

  1. RaliaHawke101 says:

    Reblogged this on A Second Chance: Ralia's Journal and commented:
    This is exactly who I feel .. wow .. shes really hit the nail on the head . (original by Anon8273 – blog site Suitcase Heart)

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