The first time I read this, I went, ‘Awh, isn’t that cute’ and promptly forgot about it. It’s only a couple days later that I remembered this and realised that actually, it’s a very sexist thing to say.

First off, why is the girl more of a victim than the boy? Aren’t they just as likely to be bullied? And is the girl going to cry because she’s emotionally weak, or is it just because she’s the youngest?

Secondly, why can’t the girl defend herself? Why does she need her hypothetical older brother to defend her? I think that some girls can be pretty terrifying when angered. And they’re even more scary when they cry!

Thirdly, who’s to say the boy even wants to fight for his sister? I know plenty of pacifistic boys who prefer mind games over muscle games. And plenty of kick-ass girls too for that matter.

Lastly – if I am the parent of these two hypothetical children – shouldn’t I be beating up whoever it was that made them cry? It’s not the responsibility of the child to defend the sibling, but the responsibility of the parent. Until the child is 18, of course; then they can legally defend themselves.

Anyway. Rant over.


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